Empowering you to shop in a way that aligns with your values

Our Values

Our values are the foundation and guide for everything we do – from who we are, to who and what we support, to what we create for our users.

Ramuri centers:
• Transparency
• Accessibility 
• Integrity 
• Innovation 
• Accountability
• Humility
• Trust
• Respect - For the Earth and its people!

Whether it’s committing to developing products that make information and education accessible, being transparent about our own business practices, or putting money towards supporting environmental conservation initiatives, our team is deliberate about defining Ramuri as purpose-driven first.


We value the trust people place in our team and our product. We want you to know we are prioritising you, your privacy and your values when you engage with Ramuri. This means being transparent about the efforts we take to secure your information and to respect your privacy. It also means being transparent about how we monetize, what brands we support, and how we choose them.

How We Rate

We use public information from well trusted sources, like Fashion Transparency Index and Good On You.

How We Monetize

We make money by selling subscription plans to users, and by partnering with well-rated brands that become eligible for partnership with us.

We have never and will never sell your data. We do not provide your information to third parties. Our business model and overall company practices are aligned with optimising users shopping experience and supporting their values, as well as supporting good industry practices and thus ethical businesses by connecting them with shoppers that indicate interest. We make money when users see value in this, and/or when we want to uplift a brand that has good practices. We only partner with brands that we have already rated, brands that have rated well. Partnerships do not influence a brands rating.